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  As a professional factory engaged in manufacturing mono-disc dry electromagnetic clutches and brakes, Zhejiang Zhuji Electronic and Electrical Appliance Equipment Factory has learned from successful experience of foreign products for more than ten years and developed electromagnetic clutch brakes independently. The company has owned a product system of six major series including more than 200 specifications of products, which were approved as provincial new products by Zhejiang Scientific and Technological Commission in 1991.

  With the increasing imported machinery in recent years, mono-disc dry electromagnetic clutch brakes have been gradually recognized and accepted as new function elements by numerous factories and engineering technical personnel at home and abroad. Our company has been dedicated to publicity and presentation of products in addition to product development, we have continuously expanded the market scale and achieved considerable profits through our efforts. The products have also totally been in preference to imported ones.
  Zhuji City is the ancient capital of Yue State, where Puyang River runs through, as well as the hometown of Xishi, a belle of rare charm. The place has a favorable climate with green mountains and clear waters and many tourist resorts, which attract people to linger on without any thought of leaving. The transportation of Zhuji City is convenient and fast, neighbored with Hangzhou to the north. We cordially welcome all customers to visit and guide.
  Our company is also able to undertake the design and production of various special electromagnetic clutch brakes. Welcome your inquiries in person or by phone.