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 Structure principle

  The assortment of electromagnetic clutches and brakes is adequate, all electromagnetic clutches, brakes and dead brakes are of dry type without slide ring. By adopting special ripple design, DLD series electromagnetic clutches, DZD series electromagnetic brakes and combined clutches possess the advantages of compact and simple structure, rapid response and long service life. Fatigue failure can not appear even after ten million times of movement, and the elasticity will not change either, the performance is stable.
  As an important functional unit of mechanical and electrical products, electromagnetic clutches and brakes play a role of transmitting power and controlling movement in mechanical drive system. Remote concentrated operation and automatic control are easy to be realized due to the simple operation. Through certain design and assistance, functions such as connection, separation, braking, positioning braking, speed change, reversing, jogging, overload protection can be achieved, so the products have been widely used in machine tool, spinning, printing and dyeing, package, food, printing, light industry, office, medical care, construction, hoisting, transportation, computer, precision machinery, electrical motor and other mechanical and electrical product equipment.
Normal working conditions of electromagnetic clutches and brakes:
1、 Ambient air temperature is -5℃~-40℃, relative humidity is not greater than 85%;
2、Not only explosive danger but also gas and conductive dust quite able to corrode metals and damage insulation can not exist in ambient medium;
3、 The power supply voltage of loop does not exceed +5% and -15% of rated voltage value;
4、Operation is under dry-type condition.